Effective January 2nd 2024, the Sugarloaf Express will be adding a stop at the Kingfield Quad Runners parking lot @ 6:58am. It is located on Rt. 27 across from School St in Kingfield. It is on the right hand side heading north into town. Parking at the Herbert will be restricted to residents only.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can WMTS buses take me?

A: The answer is that anyone can ride the bus to…Work, Education, Pharmacy & Shopping, Hair & Personal Care, Libraries, Visits with Family & Friends, Food Pantries/Meal Centers, Warming/Cooling Centers, Healthcare Appointments, even daytime entertainment options. WMTS buses are affordable, reliable and safe…and ALWAYS open to the public!

Q: Are WMTS buses open to the public?

A: Western Maine transportation’s paratransit buses are always open to the public. Call 800-393-9335, selection 1, before 4:00 PM a day in advance to schedule a ride!

Q: Where do the buses operate?

A: WMTS operates its paratransit buses Monday-through Friday in the Farmington/Wilton corridor. With advance scheduling, service is available from Phillips, Rangeley and Kingfield. In Oxford County, the green buses are operated in Rumford/Mexico and in Norway/South Paris and as far south as Walmart in Oxford. In Androscoggin County, the buses operate primarily in Lewiston/Auburn, but touch Sabattus, Greene, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls.

Weekly trips from outlying areas to Lewiston/Auburn include:Norway/South Paris-Tuesdays, Rumford/Mexico-Wednesdays, Farmington/Wilton via Rumford/Mexico-Wednesdays, Farmington/Wilton via Jay/Livermore Falls-Fridays. Service to Lewiston/Auburn on these days is also available to towns along these routes. Stops include: Auburn Mall /citylink free shoppers’ shuttle, Lewiston Oak Street Bus station/citylink buses/Lisbon Connection/Greyhound, Lewiston Mall, Lewiston VA Clinic. WMTS also operates the Lisbon Connection bus service between Lisbon Falls and Lewiston’s Oak Street bus station, providing 5 round-trips per day.

Q: How much does it cost to ride the buses?

A: For adults the fare is $3.00, one-way, up to 25 miles. For the disabled, those 60 and older, and those 11 and younger, the fare is $1.50 one-way up to 25 miles. Rides from 26-50 miles are $6.00 and $3.00, respectively. For rides 51 miles or more, the fares are $7.50 and $3.70, respectively. All fares listed here are per-boarding.

Q: Where is my ride?

A: If your ride is more than 10 minutes late, please contact our Passenger Relations Department at 800-393-9335, selection 1. Please make sure you are able to see where the bus or volunteer driver expects you to be waiting as you make your call.

Q: Why do I have to be ready for my ride 5 minutes early?

A: What helps other riders also helps you as a rider. Being able to pick you, or any rider, up a few minutes early helps keep buses and volunteer drivers on-time, especially if traffic, weather or other circumstances cause unforeseen delays.

Q: Where can I get brochures?

A: WMTS distributes its brochures to libraries, town offices, hospitals, medical offices and many convenience stores. If you can’t get the brochure you need, you may either call us a 800-393-9335 selection 1 and ask that the brochures be mailed to you, or you can find printable brochure files here. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat software to open and print these files. Adobe’s Acrobat can be downloaded here.

Q: Is there any transportation service available to get to Portland or beyond?

A: WMTS does not provide transportation to Portland. Greyhound operates its intra-state and inter-state buses out of Lewiston’s Oak Street Station. From here, it is possible to take a bus north to Augusta, Bangor and as far as Presque Isle…or south to Portland, Boston and, from there, almost anywhere in North America.

Q: I have a concern or a problem, a compliment or a comment…

A: Please tell us about it! Communicating with us about what we are doing wrong, or doing right, helps us to do a better job providing the transportation services needed in our service area.

Q: How many bags or packages can I bring on a bus?

A: The rider must be able to carry their packages or bags onto and off of the bus by themselves in one trip and secure them safely within their seated space.

Q: Can I leave shopping bags on a bus I while I shop at another store?

A: No. Unsecured packages can shift or spill. Because of this, for the safety of other riders, all bags and parcels must be taken with the rider when they leave the bus.

Q: Can the driver come get me at my door to help me into the bus?

A: In some cases this is possible. Please tell Passenger Relations when you make your ride reservation if you need assistance and about your specific needs.

Q: How can I schedule a ride?

A: Call the WMTS Passenger Relations Department at 800-393-9335, selection 1, prior to 4:00 PM, at least 24 hours before you need a ride.

Q: Does Western Maine Transportation Services need volunteer drivers?

A: Always! WMTS provides rides for MaineDHHS, Maine Department of Education and numerous social services organizations. As a volunteer, you will be paid a mileage reimbursement rate, in accordance with the applicable guidelines. Also, as a volunteer, your mileage reimbursement may be tax-free up to a federally-mandated threshold. Supplemental accident and life insurance cover you while you are driving as a volunteer. If you are interested, please go to our Jobs & Volunteering page!

Q: Is Western Maine Transportation Services hiring?

A: Yes. WMTS is always looking for qualified bus drivers, with a preference for Maine class “B” or “A” licenses with passenger and air brake endorsements, a year or more of experience driving passengers and a clean driving record for the past 5 years. Please go to our Jobs & Volunteering page.

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