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Mailing Address:

Western Maine Transportation Services, Inc.
76 Merrow Road
Auburn, ME 04210

E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org

To Schedule a Ride:

For Brunswick Explorer:


For Lewiston-Auburn citylink:

including Americans with Disabilities Act complementary service:

Phone: 777-4563, selection 2
E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org

For all other WMTS Services, please contact:

WMTS Passenger Relations Department
Phone: 1-800-393-9335, selection 1
From 7:30 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday

For Complaints, Compliments, Concerns or Comments:

E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org
Phone: 1-800-393-9335, selection 7

Western Maine Transportation Services Staff:

Passenger Relations Supervisor, Felicia Proctor:
fproctor@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 209

Maintenance Supervisor, Greg Gallant:
ggallant@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 204

Office Supervisor, Tracy Taylor:
ttaylor@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 217

Community Relations Director, Craig Zurhorst:
czurhorst@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 208

Deputy Manager/Finance & Administrative Director, Russell Soule:
rsoule@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972

General Manager/Operations Director, Sandy Buchanan:
sbuchanan@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972


Board of Directors:

The WMTS Board of Directors may be reached through this e-mail address: info@westernmainetrans.org or at our mailing address above.


Kurt Schaub, Chair, Turner
Michael Burke, Vice Chair, Lewiston
Rhonda Irish, Secretary, Wilton
Jolene Lovejoy, Treasurer, Rumford


David Brooks, Lisbon
Tom Winsor, Norway
Tom Skolfield, Weld
Dave Cota, Carrabassett Valley
Karen Topp, Brunswick
Ed Barrett, Lewiston

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