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Mailing Address:

Western Maine Transportation Services, Inc.
76 Merrow Road
Auburn, ME 04210

E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org

To Schedule a Ride or Service Questions:

For Brunswick Link & Bath CityBus:

Including Brunswick Link Americans with Disabilities (ADA) complementary service

Phone: 207-721-9600
Email: info@westernmainetrans.org

For Lewiston-Auburn citylink:

including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary service:

Phone: 777-4563, selection 2
E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org

For all other WMTS Services, please contact:

WMTS Passenger Relations Department
Phone: 1-800-393-9335, selection 1
From 7:30 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday; 9:00 am -4:00 Saturday

For Complaints, Compliments, Concerns or Comments:

E-Mail: info@westernmainetrans.org
Phone: 1-800-393-9335, selection 7

Western Maine Transportation Services Staff:

Passenger Relations Supervisor, Felicia Proctor:
fproctor@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 209

Operations Director, Marsha Bennett:
marsha@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 220

Facility & Maintenance Supervisor, Kenny Rand:
krand@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 204

Human Resource Manager, Tracy Palmer:
tpalmer@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 217

Community Relations Director, Craig Zurhorst:
czurhorst@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972 ext. 208

Finance Director, Holly Wise-Copland:
holly@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972

Executive Director, Sandy Buchanan:
sbuchanan@westernmainetrans.org 333-6972


Board of Directors:

The WMTS Board of Directors may be reached through this e-mail address: info@westernmainetrans.org or at our mailing address above.


Michael Burke, Chair, Auburn
Kurt Schaub, Vice Chair, Turner
Rhonda Irish, Secretary & Treasurer, Jay


David Brooks, Lisbon
Tom Winsor, Norway
Tom Skolfield, Weld
Dave Cota, Carrabassett Valley
Karen Topp, Brunswick
Ed Barrett, Lewiston

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