Effective January 2nd 2024, the Sugarloaf Express will be adding a stop at the Kingfield Quad Runners parking lot @ 6:58am. It is located on Rt. 27 across from School St in Kingfield. It is on the right hand side heading north into town. Parking at the Herbert will be restricted to residents only.
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LATC will be accepting sealed auction bids for the following assets until 1pm Friday April 29, 2022. Bids need to be in a sealed envelope and marked Unit# 0803 & 0901 Bid.  Bids must include bidders full name, address, phone number and dollar amount bid.  Equipment is available for inspection at 76 Merrow Road, Auburn, ME by appointment.

All bids will be submitted to Western Maine Transportation at 76 Merrow Rd in Auburn, Maine. The bid winner will be contacted after LATC reviews all bids presented which will be on or before Monday May 2, 2022.  Payment must be made in form of a bank cashier’s check to Lewiston Auburn Transit Committee.

For more information, please contact Greg Gallant at (207) 784-9335 ext. 204 or by email at ggallant@westernmainetrans.org

Unit 0803 – 2008 GM El Dorado 28+2 passenger capacity bus.

Bus 0803

Unit 0901 – 2009 GM El Dorado 28+2 passenger capacity bus.

Bus 0901

The motors and frames will be permanently disabled, and this equipment may only be scrapped

Engine and Chassis may never be registered or operated on the road again.

All other components are recoverable, recyclable, etc.

Equipment will be available for pick up 5 business days after completion of the sale because the required alterations must be completed before they can be released.

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