Effective January 2nd 2024, the Sugarloaf Express will be adding a stop at the Kingfield Quad Runners parking lot @ 6:58am. It is located on Rt. 27 across from School St in Kingfield. It is on the right hand side heading north into town. Parking at the Herbert will be restricted to residents only.
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1- 2007 and 1- 2008 International 3000 Bus for sale by bid. Both buses are equipped with VT365 engines and are both inoperable due to ABS modules being obsolete. 1 bus had a fire under the hood but engine still runs. Each bus has approx. 130k miles and were in service last year. Both buses run and drive but will need to be towed due to brake issues. Winning bidder will be required to remove the buses from WMTS facilities within 5 business days of bid award. Payment must be made in the form of check only upon receipt of vehicles. For more information please contact Greg Gallant Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor at 784-9335 ext. 204. All bids need to be either mailed or delivered to WMTS, 76 Merrow Rd. Auburn, Maine 04210, and Labeled Bus bid 07/08 by 5pm EST on 01/15/2021 to be considered.

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